Homegrown Food On Every Table

Wildcraft went into shock when she realized there wasn’t enough locally grown food in her area to provide veggies for a single small elementary school.  Marjory felt her life radically change once she realized that the entire US is no longer food self-reliant, but is dependent on foreign imports to feed the American people.

The results are impressive.  Her video tutorial is used by over 250,000 people in over 30 countries around the world.  She is a highly regarded guest on radio and television shows as her passion is contagious.

Her videos are endorsed and carried by such notables as The Organic Consumers Association, Alex Jones’ Infowars, The Permaculture Activist, NaturalNews.com, World Hunger Relief Missionaries,  and The Weston-Price Nutrition Foundation.

Get more information on Marjory’s acclaimed DVD Grow Your Own Groceries here.

Grow Your Own GroceriesMarjory has been featured as a guest on over 500 radio, podcast, print, and television shows.  Selected Press includes:

Radio & Podcast Interviews

  • Coast to Coast AM (with Ian Pruitt – Nationally syndicated radio and internet broadcast) | Feb. 2011
  • Gardening Naturally KLBJ Austin (with John Dromgoole  -  The longest continuously running organic-gardening show in the United States) | Repeat guest.
  • The Power Hour (with Joyce Riley – Nationally syndicated on 31 broadcast stations) | Repeat guest.
  • The Survival Podcast (with Jack Spirko, the #1 ranked Podcast on Survivalism and Preparedness) | Repeat guest.
  • The Easy Organic Gardener Show (GCN Radio Network, The show airs on over 330 AM and FM radio channels and streams online as well) | Jan. 2012
  • The Self Reliant Agriculture Show (with Michael Bumstead, VoiceAmerica’s Green Living Channel) | Dec. 2011
  • Dr. Prepper Radio (with John Talmage Stevens, preparedness expert and author | Repeat guest.
  • 850KOA Denver (covers Boulder & Colorado Springs CO as well, 1 hour show with Rick Barber) | Mar. 2011
  • Live Free Austin KXBT The Big Talker Austin (with Jason Rink, 20 minute segment) | Repeat guest.
  • Liberty Watch Radio KVOI Tucson (with Charles Heller, 1 hour segment) | Jul. 2010


  • Philadelphia Inquirer By Virginia A. Smith, Inquirer Staff Writer “Fear Factor Opens a New Market for Seeds” | Apr. 2010
  • Edible Austin Magazine | Dec. 2010
  • The Permaculture Activist (No. 75) | Sep. 2010

Speaking Engagements

  • The University of Texas at Austin Permaculture discussion | June 2010
  • Earth Wise Living Day in San Antonio, TX (a conference & educational event on sustainability and Earth-friendly practices) | Feb. 2012
  • Brave New Books in Austin, TX | Why Your Grocery Bill will Double this Year and What you can Do about it | Jan. 2011
  • Texas Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association annual convention in San Marcos, TX | Jan. 2010
  • Austin Organic Gardeners Association monthly meeting in Austin, TX | Apr. 2010
  • Transition Town Austin Meeting in Austin, TX | Growing Food in Your Own Backyard in an Age of Energy Descent | May 2010
  • Re-thinking Everything Conference in Fort Worth, TX | Sep. 2010